Drinking Games Without Cards Or Balls Or Cups

If you land a ball inside someone else’s cup, he has to drink and refill his cup. The cards are placed face down on the table and a big cup is placed in the middle of the table.

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One full cup of beer.

Drinking games without cards or balls or cups. 3 drinking games without cards. Learn about other fun card games for two. Four or more, and just like for most drinking games without cards… the more the better

Try to throw a ping pong ball into one of the cups. 4.7 out of 5 stars 3,460 $35.00 $ 35. Once in position, each cup must be filled to a reasonable level with beer (or similar).

If you land it inside your cup, you drink and refill it. However, if you throw the ball into the middle cup, all the players must drink from their cup. 4 movie/tv show drinking games.

This game is great played in two teams of four or more. All you need is a long table, some solo cups, and your merrily intoxicated selves. Two or more drinks per player.

3.2 never have i ever; 3.5 cheers to the governor; Beer pong is always a hit because, at any given party, no matter the size, there’s always at least two people who reckon themselves beer pong pros, and will be itching to prove their prowess the second they get a glimpse of those distinctive shiny red cups.

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3.12 drink while you think; This is a simple dice drinking game, which only requires one die. Each team lines up on opposite sides of the table.

There are so many games that you can play here. Twelve pack of beer at least. Sometimes you want to play a game and you have nothing on hand.

Kings cup is the classic among drinking games with cards. However, if the second player is wrong, it’s time for them to drink. To play a 2 vs.

Bounce the ball and sink your shot into a beer, your opponent drinks. Flip the cup is one of the best drinking games without cards, mainly because it is so easy to play. As you may have guessed if the second player is correct, the dealer drinks.

Never have i ever party card game, classic edition, ages 17 and above. You need at least four players for kings cup. Now distribute all cards around the king cup face down.

For example, you can enjoy drinking as you play russian roulette, flip cup, buzz and many more. One full cup of vodka. These games involve drinking without the players having to play cards.

They land theirs, you drink. Here is a deeper look at some examples of drinking games without cards:

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