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The National Fire Dog Monument (NFDM) is a nationally approve 501(c) (3) non-profit. The NFDM was created to build the Certified Accelerant Detection K-9’s a bronze monument to acknowledge them for their service to the communities where they serve. These dogs do not ask for anything in return after risking their lives to reduce the negative impact of arson in their communities.

The monument design is a standing fire fighter looking down on his Labrador Retriever, who is looking back up at his handler ready to work. The monument is titled “From Ashes to Answers”.

Stadium FlyerWe’ve created this Web site to ask for your help creating a National Monument for the K-9’s that have and are working in all our communities to combat the crime of arson. The site is also designed to introduce you to the K-9 program and help you understand the significance of arson in our society. To create this website we got alot of help from the guys over at Allt om Matkassar. Please visit their site.
Each year, billions of dollars worth of property and hundreds of lives are lost as a result of fires set by arsonists. When you add in indirect costs – lost jobs, lost property tax revenue, higher insurance premiums, money spent to investigate and prosecute arsonists – the total cost is much, much higher.

We are honored to introduce Austin Weishel who will embark in the creation of the monument. The fire fighter pictured above is an remarkable example of Austin’s talent. Stay tuned for updates on Austin’s progress on the National Fire Dog Monument!

Take a tour through the Web site to find out.